Eva Scherer was awarded the Silver Cross of Merit from the President of the Republic of Poland for her Childrens Programs on the 13th. August 2018

Social Sculpture

These 3 solitary bee hives, situated in Auckland CBD, look like they have come from a different planet.

Every first Sunday of the month there is a big group of enthusiastic urban beekeepers and families with children from Bee School https://www.fortheloveofbees.co.nz/bee-school/  at the meeting.  Professional expertise by the teacher Peter Alexander explained that without our help, due to a wet summer and lack of food, the bees will not survive the coming winter.  Peter will supply all 3 bee hives with food. Big cities need bees as part of the ecosystem. In return, we need to care for them by providing lots of flowers, and minimize poison chemicals in the environment.  In Paris, and other big European cities, bee hives have been placed on the highest building roofs in the centre of the  citiy for more than 10 years.  Auckland has chosen parks. Good on us!