Eva Scherer was awarded the Silver Cross of Merit from the President of the Republic of Poland for her Childrens Programs on the 13th. August 2018

Open day coming soon

At our open day, which will be soon, we will include all our activities that we have been involved with.

Herbs are making a comeback. On the wave of interest in everything that not only enhances the taste of food, but also strengthens the body at any age, herbs increasingly dominate in the kitchen restaurant and home. They are also effective in the treatment of many diseases.  They serve health and beauty.
Poland is undeniably a strong power in the area of cultivation and use of herbs. The best example may be the Herbal Corner in Korycinach Podlasie, part of Herbal corner, or botanical garden.  In Podlasie Herbal Garden are five educational paths. Here you can explore more than nine species of medicinal plants, which today are used in the household. There are about 150 species of dried plants that form the basis for anyone to create something suitable for your needs and to blend with spices, herbal and fruit tea, herbal tinctures, and potions of health and beauty http://ziolowyzakatek.pl/
After returning from Poland, inspired by this wonderful garden, I began to create an educational trail at the Ngataringa Organic Garden (NOG) in Devonport.  We have flowerbeds with culinary herbs (eg. Basil), with popular medicinal plants (eg. Camomile) and plants processed only by specialized companies (such as Lily of the Valley).
Currently, favorable conditions exist to give this knowledge to schools by virtue of their requirements for programs on ecology and nature conservation. The first stage of initiation for student NOG visitors are:
• visit the garden and general familiarization with herbs
• tasting nettle tea
• look inside the fence to the farm hens
• passing by alongside the hives of bees
• hand massage with a cream based on bee wax
• approximation cycle of plant growth and development in the context of a holistic life.

For enthusiasts who want to deepen their practical knowledge, the next degree of initiation to participate in the activities of the Club Hildegard von Bingen ( our patroness)
• deepen knowledge about the medicinal properties of popular herbs
• capsulate the herbs collected and dried by students
• making beauty cream with marigolds.

Lots of fun and practical skills.  Dates of classes at Ngataringa Organic Garden will be shown on a regular basis in Gazeta Polonia.

St. Hildegard of Bingen (1099 – 1179)- the author of works on medicine and healing
• Recently published Polish books: The health of St. Hildegard von Bingen; Kitchen St. Hildegard von Bingen; Post health St. Hildegard von Bingen;  Food that treats. St. nutritional therapy. Hildegard von Bingen
• From 2013 operates Polish Society of Friends of St. Hildegard, which include as well doctors.