Eva Scherer was awarded the Silver Cross of Merit from the President of the Republic of Poland for her Childrens Programs on the 13th. August 2018

Herbal Conference in Poland



29.06-01.07 2018

I came to Koryciny from NZ to take part in the conference and to have a holiday with my grandchildren who are spread out all over the world. It is a good excuse to meet together. It also gave me the opportunity to present the program that I developed in NZ some time ago. For me, herbal education is a priority. If we do not pass on this knowledge it can be gradually lost because, as in NZ, it is not supported by mainstream education and there are no large corporations that are interested in herbalism.

When we are teaching children, we are preparing future customers for herbs who know and love herbs. My programme teaches respect for herbs and ways to use them. The presentation in Koryciny is a replica of the one I presented one month ago in Auckland. Academic knowledge is taught to children by play. In Auckland we have carbon catching plots, and have songs that were specially composed for the program that give the health property of herbs. The name of the program is “Herb Fairies Academy”. There are 12 fairies, and each have their own song and portrait, which the children colour with natural living plants. It is not only a logical way of learning, but also is learnt through emotions and feelings. In NZ we are planning to have a children’s herbal section in every community garden nationwide.

It is connected with climate change, and our responsibility to decrease emission of CO2 Growing herbs is an important component of this strategy. Plants are decreasing CO2 by about 30% Teaching children to be part of this global movement is also promoted by the EU and the United Nations. European children have already noticed that there is a lack of snow in the winter when they used to toboggan, they also noticed extreme change of temperature from winter to summer. Children can influence these changes by growing and using herbs. My intention is to teach children early in their life about herbs.