Eva Scherer was awarded the Silver Cross of Merit from the President of the Republic of Poland for her Childrens Programs on the 13th. August 2018

Herb Fairies Academy – first lesson

What a day! You can feel that spring is finally here. This Saturday, children from Devonport had a lot activities to choose from. Also the gardening shop across from Ngataringa Community Garden was full of customers, leaving nowhere to park. Despite all these serious obstacles our first lesson and meeting with Fairy Melissa – Lemon Balm went smoothly. We all had great pleasure to work with excellent students; almost 4 years old Frankie and her older sister Evie from Vauxhall Primary.

Fairy Melissa was delighted. She was very proud of her students and the picture Evie coloured during the lesson. She decided to invite more children and repeat the lesson in February. Her friends; Camomile Fairy, Plantain Fairy, Calendula, Stellaria and Viola Fairies will need to wait little bit longer for their turns.