Eva Scherer was awarded the Silver Cross of Merit from the President of the Republic of Poland for her Childrens Programs on the 13th. August 2018

Herb Fairies Academy

There are Herb Fairies living at all Gardens around the world.
They live between herbs everywhere, and often visit Eva’s plot at her Magic Garden in Glenfield in Auckland where they can meet children attending her Herb Fairies Academy classes.
Artists can see them and even paint them all;

Herb Fairies Academy Lesson Plan

1) Tour around Garden with attention to the 6 Fairies that we use in our Herb Fairies Academy

  • Plantain
  • Violet
  • Calendula
  • Chick Weed
  • Melissa
  • Dandelion

2) Take samples of the plant using scissors. Children squeeze leaves to smell and taste. Some of the material will be for making a tea/infusion and some for drawing sketches
3) Come back indoors, look closer at the plants using magnifying glasses
4) Time for the group to know each other better -CMC – back massage
5) Instructor reads a brief overview of health properties of the herb emphasizing the main ones. For example; Melissa helps with nervousness and promotes good sleep.
6) Infusion preparation
7) Children listen to the story/lore while drinking infusion
8) Draw pencil sketch of herb giving common name and botanical name
9) Colouring in of Herb Fairy picture using fresh plants.
10) Preparation of simple dish using this herb, and then enjoy eating it.

You can listen to Recordings of the stories/lore of each plant






Thank you to The Sound Room, Takapuna for the recording of these stories